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Sunday, October 14, 2007


9:36 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haha today xiuxiu came to my hse... as usual we study n play lol... today the monopoly was fun ^^ realli long time no play le... after tat went to Lai Lai for dinner nt veri fantastic lor... cause the chicken nt nice lehz heng the chilli n mee is nice... Morning i went to remove stitches for my wisdom tooth surgery =D Nxt wk gonna extract more teeth haha after tat jiu putting on braces... Gonna look funny for the nxt 2 yrs... Ppl ard mi pls get used to it ba haha I'll try to smile less for this 2 yrs whahahahaha so i smile more now hahaha lalala hahaha ....

10:56 PM

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Recently have been watching the show 布衣神相. Its a typical 白道 and 黑道 show lor.. those kind of kungfu show... Anyway just finish watching today... haha realli nice those who are free can go watch ba... Initially i watching thru tudou den change to veoh den to crunchyroll...

Went for my wisdom tooth op today... was ok... better than expected the surgeon very good... Her skills are superb ^^ I didn;t feel pain lor... Now tat the wisdom is taken out, my primary concern is the other wisdom tooth that is fully grown... after taking out tat another 4 front tooth gt to be extracted den will do braces.. lol wha take out so many tooth... so young jiu so much tooth gone haha kk Gotten 5 days mc frm the op but i think i goin back to sch for tutorial tml ^^

5:28 PM

Saturday, September 29, 2007

09/27 is indeed a day to rmb ^^ tats the day we started We went for Klunch and dine at holland V ... The place where we dine is super nice place... romantic oso haha We took numerous pictures oso anyway many funny things happen lor haha had realli many great laughter tat day... The bad thing is the weather wOr ... Its raining heavily during dinner time and we almost had to change the venue of our dining place... Both of us enjoy very well... Though its a long n tiring day but for sure its a day to rmb for life ^^ muackz darling haha (^(00)^)

Our dining place "Essential Brew @ Holland V"

Whose trying to take pic???

3:14 AM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

... This few days are rather free... practising my computing haha anyway i went to consult dentist regarding my teeth... well as usual the dentist recommand mi to do braces... Anyway i have decided to do braces ba... hopefully the op is nt veri painful man... ^^ Must be brave... Nxt time will have betta oral hygiene le...

Nxt wk jiu recess wk liao... Hopefully can get settle my teeth as well as revise for upcoming quiz man... Now realli nid $$ lots of money haha... Any tuition can refer to mi ba ^^ Or tml tio toto oso can... haha first prize i tio alone... haha

Xiuxiu must support mi hor... :'( same for all my frens... lol damm scared sia... but not to worry i will accept the challenge de... haha

9:55 PM

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh man tml having physics quiz... Quantum physics n optics... Sure cannot make it... Owaz daydreaming during lecture.. study for like 3 days liao... hmmm hopefully can pass... Jiayou man...

Last week had my computing quiz.. haha nt too bad but nt veri good either.. not a perfect programe so still gt room for improvement.. seriously finding c programming more n more fun.. shud go explore more sia... Anyway who knows maybe nxt time i depend on tat for $$.

Just receive my math 2 quiz results.. Quite happy wif the results... ^^

Nxt week jiu recess wk liao... after recess wk gt econs n chem quiz... heng its nt on the same wk.. but realli got to catch up on chem cause i didn;t take chem in A lvl so realli lack many fundamental lor...

Wha whole post on exam... hmmm recently i learning how to play dota... haha i agree wif xiuxiu tat will get addicted de... the game is alot on reaction, strategy n teamwork... so veri flexible... but i now still veri lousy keep dying... hmm nvm shall improve after all my quiz is over...

Jus saw the bill for this sem sch fees... Whao its so much.. realli gotta work harder to many MY $$ worth while.. lol since i have to pay back when i start working... okAyz back to optics n quantum... haiz Y Enstein dun die earlier... zzzz so many things to study sia... (^(00)^)

12:50 AM

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


11:02 PM

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